stormwater isolation and pollution prevention

Stop. Control. Comply.

DrainSAFE™ is a simple and cost-effective stormwater isolation and pollution prevention device that retrofits into a stormwater drain pit. Once installed, a DrainSAFE™ device can be used to stop spills and gross pollutants from entering the stormwater system.

DrainSAFE™ stormwater isolation device cutaway view of device installed in drain pit

DrainSAFE™ is ideal for most sites with spill response and environmental compliance programs.

This innovative device is a simple and cost effective in-pit stormwater protection solution. Satisfied customers have been using the DrainSAFE™ device for over 10 years to prevent pollution from leaving storm drains.

Stop spills from leaving your site

In an emergency, turn the handle to seal your stormwater system.

Control what is entering the stormwater system

DrainSAFE traps oils, sediment and gross pollutants 24/7.

Comply with environmental regulations

Avoid harsh fines and penalties related to spills and stormwater pollution.

storm drain grate with rubbish

Who needs a DrainSAFE™?

Anyone with pollution heading into the stormwater system.

DrainSAFE™ is a Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID) used by industries such as transport, utilities, mining, ports and harbours, airports, manufacturing, food processing and chemical processing.

The person in an organisation who is responsible for your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP or SWPPP), Environmental Management System, environmental compliance and / or spill response would want to know about this device. That person could be the:

  • Operations Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Workplace Health and Safety Officer
  • Environmental Compliance Advisor or Consultant
  • Engineer designing your new facility
why it's a great choice

DrainSAFE™ Features & Benefits

Easy to Install

Retrofits into existing pit. No civil works required. Minimal downtime or disruption during installation.

Flow Rate of 33L/s

Allows site run off to flow rapidly through the system.

Drain pit isolation that closes completely in seconds

Achieve stormwater isolation in an emergency. Respond quickly to stop spills from leaving the stormwater drain.

Submersible Telescopic handle

Hides beneath the grate. Won’t be damaged by passing traffic. Easy to operate, no force required.

Materials are UV stabilised, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant

Long life span. Compatible with most liquids. Suitable for a variety of applications.

Oil & Fuel absorbent

Retains oil sheen 24/7. Traps hydrocarbons but not water. Easy to replace.

Heavy duty

Solid materials to ensure DrainSAFE™ is secure and stable in the pit. Slightly flexible yet rigid material that can withstand vibration and impacts.

High vis colour

Easy for personnel to see it in the drain pit once installed.

Easy to clean and maintain

The internal compartment lifts out to be cleaned. When serviced routinely, the DrainSAFE™ unit has minimal impact on the flow rate.

Reliable And Long Lasting

Top of the line, heavy duty, leak proof and corrosion resistant isolation valve that will stop liquids.

Serviceable unit

Minimal disruption to site activity. Less ongoing costs since it can be maintained by site personnel.

Manually operated from the drain pit

Anyone trained on how to use the DrainSAFE™ can stop a spill from leaving the site.

Installation kit supplied

Delivered ready to install. The unit is delivered with an installation kit with necessary parts supplied.

Long product life

Routinely serviced units can last up to 10 years. Nominal investment for long term protection.

Proven track record

Reliable protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Installations across Australia have proven the efficacy and long lifespan of the DrainSAFE™ unit.


compliance inspection reveals rubbish along creek's edge near storm water outlet

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Pollutants were found escaping into adjacent waterways. DrainSAFE™ remedied the compliance breach.


used diffuser of DrainSAFE stormwater isolation device is filled with sediment and rubbish

Port Facility and Container Terminal

Results of what was captured in DrainSAFE™ units were astonishing.

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Stop spills from leaving your site.

In an emergency, turn the handle to seal your stormwater system. DrainSAFE is a unique above ground manual stormwater isolation device. Turn the handle to close the isolation valve to stop flow into the stormwater system. One person can quickly and easily shut the DrainSAFE unit to contain spills in an emergency.

Control what is entering the stormwater system.

DrainSAFE traps oils, sediment and gross pollutants 24/7. The practical design allows water to flow through while sediment and gross pollutants are retained in the body of the unit. Hydrocarbons are trapped by an absorbent material secured within the diffuser body.

Comply with environmental regulations.

Avoid harsh fines and penalties related to stormwater pollution. DrainSAFE delivers on corporate objectives to meet standards enforced by the EPA. Install DrainSAFE in every drain pit for maximum effectiveness and meet compliance requirements for stormwater pollution management and spill response.

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